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Moves are made in retail every day, big and small, and what matters is they’re forward. You’re creating that movement, and we’re here to recognize it.


Entries for The 2024 Convrt Awards open this Fall.

Where Enter Online, Globally

When Open November 1st, 2024


What is Convrt?

A completely independent body proudly dedicated to shining a bright spotlight on the absolute best in today’s retail and ecommerce innovation.

Unlike any other industry recognition or award – Convrt is not owned or influenced by any trade magazine, tradeshow, conference, consultancy, solutions-provider or brand. We are designers, engineers, visionaries and innovators who endeavor to push our industry forward by pushing you forward.

Who is Convrt?

The Judging Council: A 100% zero-strings-attached group of industry experts.

Everyone on the Convrt Independent Judging Council is home-grown and well-versed in retail. From the front end to the back, these creatives and technologists and leaders are all invested in seeing what you’ve been doing and making to push our industry forward. Each judge has a unique set of talents, specialties, passions, experiences, and points of view that qualifies them to help select the Category Winners and Finalists.

And did we mention that they’re completely independent? No outside influences, biases, pay-to-play schemes, nepotism, or other sketchiness here. Just smart industry folk genuinely interested in the who of what’s next.

Interested in joining the Judging Council?  This honorary position is currently by invitation only. However, if you think you might be the right fit, contact us.

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Why Convrt?

We looked around and noticed what doesn’t exist

These days there are so many award shows they’ve become background noise. You know the type—a corporate award sponsored by a brand for the people who are using their product. Well, in 2019, we took a look around the space and realized what there isn’t: a platform for the totally independent, authentic and meaningful recognition of who is doing the coolest, smartest stuff. Enter: Convrt.

We’re here to recognize teams and individuals who are driving change at all levels in retail. Everyone likes a shiny end product, but what about the process? Every decision made and technology developed has a hand in those results, and they deserve to be seen, too. So let’s see them.

Independent and

The Convrt judges are third-party industry experts who will judge work on its own merit and nothing more. No conference to attend, no organization to join, no pay to win.

A Focus on Innovation and the Future

Retail and ecomm are at the most exciting evolutionary moment in history. So what’s being done that is pulling us forward? Convrt focuses on all-new thinking, tactics, applications, design, integrations, and more.

Illuminating Achievements, big and small

Retail is a process, not a product. From payments to logistics, creative design to new tech, every point is an opportunity for smart solutions. Convrt will give every behind-the-scenes player a chance to be recognized for their contributions to the entire shopping ecosystem.

The Convrt Statuette

Those other award shows can keep the crystal prisms

We know as well as you do that nobody really wants another engraved acrylic door stop. Enter: the Convrt Award that’s as unique and game-changing as the work you’ve done to win it.

Handcrafted from a bold combination of wood and metal

A one-of-a kind piece created in New York City by the designers behind the Emmy® and MTV awards.

Awarded to the single highest-scoring entry in each of the categories. There is only 1 Winner awarded per category.

Category Finalists receive a customized printed certificate

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