Why enter Convrt?

We know you don’t do it for the hype, but we’re here for it anyway. And a little hype can go a long way.

The benefits of submitting your work.

/ Status & Recognition

Gorgeous statuettes & certificates for winners and finalists, gratis.

/ Client Perception

Reinforce your worth and cool factor for existing clients, and gain global exposure to potential new ones.

/ Staying on your grind

Continue challenging yourself to do—and not be afraid to promote—your best work.

/ Global Promotion

You’ll be featured forever in Convrt’s Hall of fame, boosted on Instagram and Linked in and provided with shareable digital elements.

/ No Winner Fees

All the benefits of winning a Convrt Award are included with submission.

/ Networking

Connect with other industry leaders and innovators. Forge new opportunities. Gain new perspectives.

/ Team Hype

You’re proud of the work you’ve done with them. Boost morale with international exposure and recognition.

The Convrt Statuette

Not just another corporate crystal trophy, the Convrt Award is a beautifully handcrafted piece of wood and metal that’s as unique and show-stopping as your work. This one-of-a kind piece of art is custom-created in New York City by the designers behind the Emmy® and MTV awards.

Statuettes are awarded to the single highest-scoring entry in each of the categories, provided that the Judges determine that quality standards were met. There is only 1 Winner awarded per category.

The Finalists Certificate

The next highest-scoring, non-winning entries of each category are awarded the title of Finalists. Each Finalist will receive a customized, professionally-printed certificate recognizing their achievement. There are typically one or two Finalists named per category.

The Convrt Seal

Shout your achievement to the world with these shareable digital badges. They’re perfect for your website, email signature, and any other touchpoint you can think of.

Innovator120 Eligibility

Entering your work automatically makes you eligible to claim your spot on the annual list of the most innovative companies in retail.

Shareable Graphics

Did it even happen if it’s not on social media? We’ve got some ready-made, totally-shareable graphics that are ready to be served on your every social channel.

At the end of the day, who is your grind for? Whether you’re serving clients, inspiring your team, or just doing it for yourself because you know you can, Convrt recognizes the best you’re already doing.

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