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If your work is in retail, there’s a place for it—for you—here.


Convrt works differently than any other industry award. We’re here to celebrate all innovative work, big and small, that includes Projects, Solutions and Leaders.

You can be a tried-and-true industry giant, a small team, or a new startup. There are no special favorites. Everyone is judged on the same playing field with the same goal of making things better.


If you’ve executed a cool project or implementation, we’d love to hear about it.

Design & Build

Display Fixture
Experience Destination
Retail Advertising / Promotional Campaign
Signage & Graphics
Small Format / Popup Store
Store Design (Boutique Brand)
Store Design (Major Brand)
Packaging Design
Visual Merchandising
Window Display

Technology & Digital

AI Integration
Analytics & Intelligence
App (consumer facing or business tool)
Automation & Robotics
Blockchain / Cryto Integration
Digital Menu Boards
Digital Signage & Content
Ecommerce Design & Build
Extended Reality
Interactive Display/Kiosk
Inventory / Supply Chain
Payment System Implementation

Customer Experience

Brand Engagement/Interactive Experience
Customer Experience Initiative
Customer Mobile Experience
Customer Service
Loyalty Program
Omnichannel / Unified Commerce Experience
Personalized Shopping Experience
Shareable Moments
Social Shopping Integration

Solutions & Services

Have you launched something new? Made an update to an existing offering? If it makes the world of commerce better, faster, smoother or more profitable, tell your story.

Innovation across the entire shopping eco-system

Analytics, Intelligence & Insights
Checkout & Payment Systems
Customer Service / CRM
Digital Signage & Content Solutions
Digital Shopper Engagement

Ecommerce Solutions
Fulfillment & 3PL Solutions
Inventory & Merchandise Management
Logistics & Supply Chain
Omnichannel / Unified Commerce

Robotics & Automation
Store & Team Operations
Sustainability Solutions

Retailer Leadership

For retailers – from women’s leadership and sustainability to transforming or evolving a business model

Categories for Retailers

Sustainability Leadership Award (free entry)
Best Non-Profit / Charity Retailer (free entry)
Women’s Leadership Award
Independent / Boutique Retailer of the Year
Best Retail Employee Training & Engagement

Best Omnichannel / Unichannel Evolution
Pure play Digital expanding to Physical
Best Physical Retailer expanding to Digital
Best Silo-busting Infastructure Overhaul

Best Partnership between Retailers / Brands
Best Challenger to the Standard Retail Business Model
Transformation of Part of Business
Most Efficient Retailer – Doing Most With Least

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