Community meets Sustainability – Goodwill’s New Online Thrift Store Is Getting Noticed

Douglas Hampton Dowson

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New York, NY (October 2, 2023)

GoodwillFinds, the e-commerce platform representing the iconic Goodwill brand, captured the top spot in the Ecommerce project category at the 2023 Convrt® Awards for retail innovation.

Revolutionizing the thrift shopping experience, GoodwillFinds was introduced in October 2022, marrying the trusted reputation of local Goodwill stores with the convenience and scale of online shopping. The site ensures that all net proceeds from purchases directly fuel the essential social services programs that have defined Goodwill’s mission for over a century: empowering individuals to achieve greater independence and enhanced quality of life through job training, mentorship, and employment opportunities.

This not only means financial growth for the organization but has led to transformative, life-changing opportunities for thousands of individuals, further strengthening communities across the nation.

In its short time since launch, GoodwillFinds has expanded its operations from an initial four regional Goodwills to now include 10 metropolitan territories, and growing. It currently boasts a staggering 250,000 items, aiming to list 1 million by year-end. The platform plays a pivotal role in sustainable shopping, aiding in the diversion of over 4 billion pounds of used goods from landfills annually by the Goodwill network.

As the American economy grapples with challenges such as rising unemployment and inflation, GoodwillFinds offers consumers both exceptional value and the opportunity to contribute positively to their communities. Every purchase made has a ripple effect, providing job training, resume assistance, financial education, and other critical services to those in need in the community where the item was donated. “This is true circularity, which Goodwill has been pioneering for over 100 years,” said Matthew Kaness, CEO of GoodwillFinds. “We are building a modern technology and marketing platform that enables recommerce at scale, which is great for consumers, local communities and our planet.”

The trend towards resale and sustainable shopping is clear, with significant brands from Gucci to Shien making significant moves in this direction. As the resale industry is projected to reach $53 billion in 2023, platforms like GoodwillFinds, which intertwine commerce with profound social impact, are more crucial than ever.

Andrew Busby, one of the judges of Convrt’s independent panel commented, “This is a movement and I think it’s great. Helping local communities AND supporting sustainability has to be applauded.”

The Convrt® Awards, in its inaugural year, celebrates brilliance and innovation in the retail landscape. With participants hailing from four continents, the awards spotlight a global evolution of retail. GoodwillFinds shared the stage with global brands like adidas, Fanta, and H&M, underscoring the awards’ ethos that brilliance transcends company size.

Amy Daughtery, a member of the Judging Council, highlighted the intent behind the Convrt Awards: “The award seeks to honor the true innovators and creators that are bringing NEW life into the world of retail and e-commerce, for those who create and break things but don’t often see their names in bold lights.”

Douglas Hampton-Dowson, Executive Director of The Convrt Award, reaffirmed the need for such a platform, “These teams are constantly bringing new experiences to life for brands and customers worldwide, and we’re so excited to appreciate their work finally.”

Mr. Kaness added “we are thankful for the award and I’m especially grateful for our team to be recognized for their incredible contribution to this venture and the Goodwill mission.”

For more information about GoodwillFinds and its ongoing mission, please visit or contact

About GoodwillFinds: GoodwillFinds is the modern re-commerce platform of Goodwill, committed to offering a distinctive online thrift shopping experience. Established in 2022, it supports Goodwill’s mission by funding critical social service programs through its sales.

About The Convrt Awards: The Convrt Awards, initiated in 2022, recognizes and celebrates brilliance in the retail industry. Created by former retail experience designer Douglas Hampton-Dowson, it offers an unbiased platform to appreciate the innovators in the world of shopping.

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