Convrt’s #Innovator120 List is Out Now: Celebrating Retail’s Top Trailblazers

Drum roll….these are the top 120 global companies making the world of shopping better for all of us.

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See the list below of teams innovating in design, technology and experiences. Think your deserves a place here? Learn more about applying for the Innovator120.

10 Corso ComoItalyConcept store founded by Carla Sozzani, it blends fashion, design, music, and art in a multifaceted space. Its Milan location is especially iconic.
51T Charging SolutionsUnited KingdomEnterprise-grade charging solutionsπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
Active AntsNetherlandsE-commerce fulfillment with services including storage, order processing, and shipping. Emphasizes technology and automation.
Adorama USAE-commerce site of camera, electronics, and film equipment retailer.πŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
AdyenNetherlandsRetail payments solution
Γ†dificaCanadaIntegrated design firm that offers architecture, design, and engineering services for various sectors, including retail.
AllbirdsUSASustainable footwear brand offers a clean, easy-to-navigate site with interactive visuals and a focus on storytelling.
ALUItalyCombines functionality with design in its modular systems designed for visual merchandising and product display.
BandoUSAColorful and playful online shopping experience that perfectly encapsulates their joyful brand identity.
Bang & OlufsenDenmarkSite beautifully showcases their high-end audio products with immersive visuals, crisp product photography, and interactive elements.
BBSAItalyGlobal marketing agency with retail merchandising experience.πŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
Beatrice SocietyCanadaEvidence-based wellness retailer.πŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
Betwin Space DesignSouth KoreaCombines spatial design with branding to create unique retail spaces and experiences.
Big DigitalCanadaProvides pop-up digital activations and interactive digital displays for various events and retail spaces.
BlueYonderUSAAI-driven retail forecasting and replenishment solutions.
byrdAustriaFulfillment service that provides online sellers with warehousing, packaging, and shipping.
CallisonRTKLUSAArchitecture, planning, and design practice known for its innovative retail spaces and experiences.
CenareoFranceProvides a digital signage platform suitable for retail environments.
ChangeUpUSARetail brand experience agency.πŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
CleveronEstoniaEcommerce package vending machines
ClutchUSACustomer management and marketing analytics solutions to help retailers identify, understand, and motivate their customers.
ConstructorUSAHolistic ecommerce search and product discovery.πŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
CorraUSAModern online storefront platform and design.πŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
CountBOXUSASolutions for counting people, analyzing customer demographics, and monitoring queues in retail environments.
CriteoFranceProvides marketers with advertising solutions across multiple channels and devices.
Cust2mateIsraelSmart retail carts.πŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
Dalziel & PowUKCreating brand experiences through engaging store designs.
DataRobotUSAAI Demand Forecasting
Design ClarityAustraliaRetail design agency that works across brand strategy, interior design, and user experience to craft unique retail environments.
Detective AnalyticsUSAAutomated prevention of appeasement fraud.πŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
DPDFranceDrone Delivery
Dynamic YieldUSAAI-powered personalization platform
Ecovative DesignUSAMushroom Packaging” – They produce sustainable packaging materials made from mycelium (mushroom roots).
EmarsysAustriaMarketing platform that aims to enhance customer engagement, using AI to optimize marketing activities.
ExotecFranceSmart Warehouse Solutions
EzetapIndiaMobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions
FloshipHong KongOffering international e-commerce order fulfillment, especially for those targeting Asian markets.
FootmarksUSABeacon technology to provide insights into shopper behavior and preferences, helping retailers offer personalized experiences.
Fuertes DesignChinaRetail design agency.πŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
FXGearSouth KoreaOffers augmented reality (AR) solutions that can be used for virtual try-ons in retail settings.
Geek+ChinaSmart Warehouse Solutions
Gentle MonsterSouth KoreaAvant-garde store designs, each location has a unique and often surreal theme that pushes the boundaries of retail design.
GestureTekCanadaGesture recognition technology, providing solutions for immersive, multi-touch, interactive displays.
GoodwillFindsUSAEcommerce store for GoodwillπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
GroupByCanadaProduct Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Discovery AI.πŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
HEAD Architecture and DesignHong KongDesign firm that specializes in retail, office, and hospitality spaces.
iGotchaMediaCanadaIntegrated brand experience agency.πŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
IntuifaceFranceBuild and deploy highly interactive, multi-touch digital experiences without writing code.
James and JamesUKReal-time order tracking system with eco-friendly packing and fast global shipping.
Kensium SolutionsUSAEcommerce and ERP Solutions.πŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
Kesslers InternationalUKDesigns and manufactures innovative point-of-sale displays and retail environments.
LightspeedCanadaPOS & Payments Platform
LinehouseChinaInterior design practice, they’ve worked on various retail spaces giving a fresh perspective to the Chinese retail environment.
Locus RoboticsUSAWarehouse Robotics Automation
Loop CreativeAustraliaInterior design and branding, often with a modern twist suitable for both retail
LushUKStores emphasize sustainability, with package-free products, refill stations, and immersive experiences like spa treatments.
ManthanIndiaAI business analytics for retail
McCartney DesignAustraliaBranded environments with a strong focus on retail and hospitality.
Moztro Retail PartnerChileRetail Design AgencyπŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
Muratec USAUSAMachinery and automated solutions
NELSONUSARetail design solutions covering strategy, architecture, branding, and interior design.
NendoJapan“Chocolatexture” – A line of chocolates packaged in boxes that mirror the shape and texture of the chocolates inside, offering a tactile and visual experience.
OatlySwedenCarton design for oat milk stands out with playful messaging, transparent ingredient storytelling, and an emphasis on sustainability.
OmetriaUKAI-driven customer marketing platform for retailers
OpterusCanadaManage and execute store tasks and communications.πŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
OutformUSARetail innovation agencyπŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
PAL RoboticsSpainStockBot robot does inventory tracking every day, and provides accurate stock information to smartly manage your store, such as a 3D map with the product’s location.
Perch InteractiveUSAMerges physical products with digital content for an interactive retail display experience.
PFSPFSeCommerce fulfillment providerπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
Pinter-ParrottUnited KingdomDesign agencyπŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
PlayNetworkUSACurated music, content, integrated technology, and branding for enhanced retail customer experiences.
PoyntUSASmart terminal and POS system
PrestaShopGlobalOpen-source platform with a large community, offering a high level of customization and integration options.
Prop StudiosUKDesign, production, and installation services for window displays, pop-ups, and interiors.
Puma Clever Little BagGermanyPuma’s shoebox redesign replaces the traditional cardboard box with a reusable bag and a minimal cardboard frame, reducing material use.
RaphaUKSite blends e-commerce with editorial content, highlighting the culture and love for cycling.
Red Design ConsultantsGreeceDesign agency
RelexFinlandAI supply chain & retail planning
Retail AIJapanSmart Shopping Cart
Retail Robotics SolutionsFranceAI-based Robot Cashier
RetailNextUSAIn-store analytics and provides insights on shoppers’ behavior, helping retailers optimize the customer experience.
RevLifterUnited KingdomIntelligent offer platformπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
RevTraxUSAPlatform for personalized offers and promotions, providing insights on customer behavior and campaign performance.
rpa:groupUKProvides architectural and design services primarily for retail and leisure brands, focusing on creating engaging physical spaces.
ScanalyticsUSASmart floor sensors to track foot traffic and analyze shopper movements and behaviors in physical retail spaces.
Schwitzke & PartnerGermanyBranding, store development, and graphics services with a focus on crafting memorable retail environments.
Sharp NECJapan/USDisplay and retail technology solutionsπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
SheerIDUSAShopping rewards platformπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
ShipBobUSAE-commerce businesses end-to-end fulfillment solutions, including inventory storage, order picking, packaging, and shipping.
ShipMonkUSAMulti-channel order fulfillment services, promising fast and efficient shipping, with a focus on automation and easy integration.
simbeUSARetail Stock Keeping Robotos
Skudras MetropoleLatviaExperiential design agencyπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
SmartyUSAShopping rewards platformπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
SOTICanadaEnterprise mobile device management platformπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
Spacemen StudiosChinaRetail design agencyπŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
SpringbotUSAMarketing automation platform designed for e-commerce businesses, with capabilities like email marketing, social media, and data-driven insights.
SquareUpUSA(POS) systems and contactless payment terminals
Starship TechnologiesUSAAutonomous Delivery Robots
SumUpGermanyMobile POS and contactless payment solutions
SyteIsraeleCommerce AI platform
TensatorUKQueing virtual assistants and digital signage to improve customer engagement in stores.
ToastUSAPOS Platform
Tokinomo Marketing S.A.RomaniaRobotic displays for in-store marketingπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
TotokaeloUSABoutique store in New York offers a curated selection of high-end fashion, art, and home goods, emphasizing aesthetics and design.
TouchrateUSAProvides touch screen solutions for enhancing customer experience and gathering insights.
TraxSingaporeRetail Inventory Management, Visual Merchandising & Pricing Analysis
UgmonkUSAUgmonk’s site blends product displays with behind-the-scenes insights into their design philosophy.
UniqloJapanFlagship stores, especially in Tokyo’s Ginza district, blend state-of-the-art displays with a focus on the brand’s Japanese heritage and craftsmanship.
Universal DisplayUKOffers mannequins, point-of-sale, and bespoke display solutions tailored to the needs of the modern retail environment.
VendNew ZealandRetail POS platform
Virtual WondersCanadaProvides holographic displays and large interactive video walls.
VisenzeSingaporeeCommerce Product Discovery
Visual CitiUSASignage, displays, and visual decor services for retailers, combining craftsmanship with innovative technologies.
VL OMNICanadaRetail technology consultancy and service providerπŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
Von Slick’sCanadaCPG brandπŸ† 2023 Convrt Winner
VTEXSpainPlatform designed with a focus on enterprise solutions, offering features like omnichannel retailing, marketplace creation, and order management.
XY RetailUSAOmnichannel retail platformπŸ₯ˆ 2023 Convrt Finalist
YOCOSouth AfricaMobile card readers and POS solutions
YR StoreUKLive design software for personalizing products in-store, giving an interactive touch to shopping experiences.
ZapperSouth AfricaQR-based mobile payment and loyalty rewards platform

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