Claim your spot amongst the most innovative companies in retail.

Become eligible for the #Innovator120 list as a perk of entering into The Convrt Awards. Check out the 2023 list.

Convrt was founded to recognize and honor the true pathbreakers and trailblazers of the retail/e-commerce space. Big or small, established or newcomer, modest start-up or mega industry titan—our core belief is that you deserve the chance for your contribution to receive the attention and credit it deserves.

And in honor of this vision, the Convrt Awards will shine a spotlight on the Top 120 Retail and E-commerce Innovators who truly stand out. 

Nobody appreciates the true creative geniuses who ‘make the cool stuff happen’ behind the retail and e-commerce scenes like Convrt.

And this is why we’ve decided to go the extra mile in 2023 to showcase the INCREDIBLE people of the industry—the unsung heroes who’ve helped to shape and advance the retail and e-commerce space behind-the-scenes this past year. 

They’re the leaders, designers, creators, coders, vendors and solution providers responsible for making our shopping experiences smarter and smoother–and their immense dedication and innovation helps fuel the retail economy in monumentally positive ways.

And guess what? We just don’t believe that these creative milestones, ideas, and innovations are rewarded or recognized enough!

Therefore, we’ve made it our mission to highlight the accomplishments and revolutionary work of the 120 top retail innovators in the retail and e-commerce space over the past year. 

But to ensure that you make it onto the applicant list, please apply to the Convrt Awards for consideration.

How It Works

Everyone who enters the awards is eligible to be selected as a Top120 Innovator.

Application: Apply by choosing a category, filling in the required information about you and your innovation, and paying the application fee.

Judging: Our independent judges will review and consider your innovation based on your category.

Winner announcement: The Winners, Finalists are announced each Spring and Top120 Innovator list will be announced each Fall.

Why Enter

Industry Recognition: Opportunity to be recognized as an Award-Winner, Finalist or Top120 Innovator.

Showcase your talent and elevate your product or brand as a leading example of innovation and excellence in the industry.

Visibility and Media Coverage: Be highlighted on the Convrt website and social media channels. Get a business profile on to share your inspiring story and innovation, plus gain additional media coverage to get more of the industry recognition you rightfully deserve.

Enhance Productivity & Recruitment: Improve company productivity and current employee engagement while attracting recruits. Connect with other movers, shakers, innovators, and thought-leaders (just like you).