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The new Convrt Awards hype achievements,
big and small, that drive Retail and Ecomm forward.

From Fashion to Banking, and AI to Logistics, if your work’s in Retail Design, Technology or Experience, this is your place.

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    This is a new award intentionally designed to be different. It’s not a pay-to-play. It’s not a ‘have your momma vote for you’ popularity contest or reserved for the few and great.

    Instead, the award seeks to honor the true innovators and creators that are bringing NEW life into the world of retail and e-commerce.

    Amy Daugherty
    Head of US Marketing Costa Coffee,
    The Coca-Cola Company
    Two arms with creative tattoos


    unlike any other industry award.

    All Awards, No Show

    No organization to join, no conference to attend, no flights to book, no event tickets to buy, no beige ballroom to sit in.

    Size Doesn’t Matter

    Smart is smart and Convrt exists to illuminate achievements big and small. No matter how behind-the-scenes, back-end, or unsung, we are here to sing it.

    Independently Judged
    by Industry Pros

    Not another “pay to win” contest, Convrt invites unaffiliated industry experts to judge related categories.


    What’s pulling us forward? The exploding universe of retail requires The Now and The New. New thinking, new tactics, new applications, new tech, new startups, new design, new integrations.

    Two images together, one shows The Convrt Award Finalist certificate, the other shows a creative piece of artwork, a statue with colors layered over it/

    Be part of the 2023 Convrt Awards

    Where Enter Online, Globally

    When Deadline March 31st, 2023

    Convrt is all about the Behind-the-scenes players who make shopping smarter, smoother and even beautiful.

    Projects & Implementations

    The very best creative and problem-solving installations and activations.

    Service & Solution

    Introducing categories for the vital businesses behind-the-scenes—the ones consumers rarely know exist.

    Startups &

    Recognizing new products, services and businesses that are pushing retail & e-comm forward.

    Shopping in every form

    It’s not about in-store versus online— it’s time to recognize the entire ecosystem

    Who can enter?

    If your work is in retail and e-commerce, you’re eligible.

    Technology & Digital

    Ecomm, AR, VR, AI, Automation, Payments, Robotics, Inventory, Logistics, Voice, Inventory, Intelligence & Sensors, Digital Signage, Wellness & Safety

    Customer Experience

    Interactive, Customer Service, Loyalty, Omni & Multi-channel, Personalization, Shareable Moments, Mobile & Social

    Design & Build

    Merchandising, Store Design, Displays, Popups, Flagships, Wayfinding, Signage, Product, Sustainability and more

    What drives you to do your best work?

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